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As most train enthusiasts have more than one interest beyond trains, so does the Motor Doctor.  If you are a woodworker or have a small model/machine shop, you know that an important part of having an efficient shop is sharp tools!   Specifically drills and planer/jointer knives.  If you are in need of keeping your expensive drill bits and planer/jointer  knives sharp look no further as the Doc can help.

The Doc can sharpen drill bits from 1/8 to 2-1/2 inches in diameter with a 118 degree point.  Also, the Doc can handle single edged planer/jointer knives up to 24 inches in length.  The equipment the Doc uses is commercial grinding equipment used by professionals.  So, if you need help getting sharp, drop the Doc an e-mail.

Oh...the Doc does brush/tree chipper blades up to 16" too (single edge)!



Here are the basic sharpening fees:

Jointer/Planer Knives

                                 Steel       Carbide

4 to 8" (set of 3)    $15          $20

12"(set of 3)           $15          $30

15"(set of 3)            $25         $35

18"(set of 3)            $25         $35

20"(set of 3)            $25         $40

20"(set of 4)            $35         $54

24"(set of 3)            $30         $48

24"(set of 4)            $40         $64


Commercial Chipper Blades

Up to 16" - single sided        0.75/inch/blade


High Speed Steel and Carbide Milling Machine End Mill Bits  New Service!!

2 to 6 flute (1/4" to 1" shank)   HSS $10 ea  Carbide $15 ea  plus shipping 

Call for tapered or ball-end bits


Drill Bits - Ground to 118 degrees

Wood (ea)                            Metal (ea)                       Carbide Masonry (ea.)

1/8 to 7/8        $1                  1/8 to 7/8        $1            1/8 to 7/8        $3.50

1"                    $1.50             1"                    $1.50        1"                    $4.50

>1" to 2.5"    $5.50             >1" to 2.5"    $5.50        >1" to 2.5"    $7.50

Reshape end on any bit $2.00

Fees do not include shipping or insurance

Products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.     The Motor Doctor specializes in complete Lionel train repair and the train repair of all pre- and post-war trains including the train repair of American Flyer, Atlas, Ives, Bub, Marx, Bing, MTH and many more.   

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