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Your one stop for Lionel train repair and much more!  Lionel train motor repair is one of the Motor Doctor's specialties.  The Doc can perform a wide range of Lionel train repair services that include Lionel train repairs not typically covered nor performed by most Lionel train repair centers.  You can count on the Doc to handle difficult Lionel train repairs and Lionel train motor repairs such as armature rewinding and armature coil-to-commutator repairs.   Included in the scope of the Doc's Lionel train repair services are complete motor field repairs and general solenoid rebuilds for accessories that use coils to activate mechanical features such as semaphore flags.  So....please read on and learn about what the Doc can do for you when it comes to pre- and post-war Lionel train repair and the repair of other trains by MTH, Bing, American Flyer, Atlas, Ives, Bub, Marx, LGB and more!!

Hello! You have found the Motor Doctor's web site!

The Motor Doctor specializes in the complete rebuilding and repair of electric model train motors.  The Doc can repair virtually all Pre- and Post-War model train motors for: LIONEL, AMERICAN FLYER, Atlas, IVES, BUB, MARX, BING, LGB, MTH and many more (all AC and DC type motors).

Did you know the Motor Doctor is the one other motor repair shops send their "tough" projects to for train repair help!  The Doc has gained the trust of Lionel service centers, hobby shops, and train collectors coast-to-coast and internationally for train repairs.

From custom wound armatures delivering more power to complete motor re-winds of European motors allowing operation at lower voltages, the Doc can help you with your most challenging train repair projects.  Fast, dependable and friendly train repair service always!

Armature Rewinding*Armature Rewinding*Armature Rewinding

Yes, the Doc is an expert at rewinding armatures and fields.  The Doc can rewind your motors so they will run like new!!!

Commutator Repair*Commutator Repair*Commutator Repair

See the commutator page for more information........

Please browse the Doc's site as there is a lot of information for you covering motor and transformer maintenance tips.........

The Motor Doctor is a TCA, LCCA and TTOS member.

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You can call the doc at (866) 917- 9212  If I am not available, please leave a message.   I will call you back.                                                 


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