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Need help trying to figure out a motor or transformer problem?  Use THE BUG FORM  below to describe the trouble and send it off to the Doc.  The Doc will certainly have something in his "bag" to cure the problem.  THE BUG FORM

Bug Report Form

Please do your best to clearly describe the trouble.  The more information you give, the better chance the Doc has to solve your train troubles.   Don't forget to check the facts (FAQ) page for some simple preventive measures to take in the care of your model train.  Click here to go to the Doc's facts page FAQ  

Due to some browser compatibility issues this form may go blank once you complete and submit the form.  So, please cut and paste this page, once completed, into an e-mail before you submit the form to the Motor Doc.  This way you will not lose your work. 

[FrontPage Save Results Component]
  1. What is the item?

  2. Who is the manufacturer?

  3. Please enter a brief one-line description of the problem:

    (example: "motor locks up")

  4. If the problem is reproducible, please list the steps required to cause it,
    leaving a blank line between steps:

    (example: "1. Apply power. 2. motor runs then stops ...")

    If the problem is not reproducible (only happened once, or occasionally for no apparent reason), please describe the circumstances in which it occurred and the symptoms observed:

    (note: it is much harder to fix non-reproducible bugs)

  5. Indicate what you think the problem may be.  Did you try and fix the problem in the past?

  6. Please provide the following information in case the Doc needs to contact you: You must include an e-mail address or I can not contact you!!
    Phone:       NOTE!!!! Due to a lot of spam, I may not get your
    E-mail:      bug form...If I do not reply in 24hrs, please e-mail me.  513-399-4035 

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